A Lithuanian orthopedic products manufacturer is looking for trade intermediaries and is offering manufacturing and subcontracting
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Deadline: Jun 10, 2022
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The Lithuanian manufacturer is specialized in bespoke and standard orthopedic products, production services, and customized solutions. The company is looking for trade intermediaries to work under commercial agency agreements and distribution services agreements. The manufacturer could offer products according to the partner's demand, so manufacturing agreement and/or subcontracting are offered as well.


The Lithuanian company is one of the largest manufacturers of orthopedic products in the Baltic States. The company has been developing and producing the highest-standard customized orthopedic solutions since 1945. The company offers orthopedic products, production services, and individual decisions. All products are made in Lithuania.
The main groups of orthopedic products produced by the company are the following:
- Orthopedic lasts;
- Bespoke and series insoles;
- Bespoke orthopedic footwear;
- Braces (sports, medical, maternity);
- Various types of bespoke and standard orthoses made of carbon fiber (Pre-Preg (pre-impregnated) technology) or plastic;
- Prosthesis.
The company has 74 partners in 24 foreign countries at the moment but seeks to expand abroad more.
The manufacturer has standard orthopedic products (collections of insoles, braces, and AFOs (ankle-foot orthosis)) and is looking for trade intermediaries (agents, clinics, specialized shops and etc.). The company is ready to work under commercial agency and distribution agreements with them.
Besides this, the manufacturer seeks other partners - orthopedic products manufacturing companies - which do not have enough capacity, need help in production, or want to create and produce new kinds of orthopedic items. The company is offering subcontracting and /or manufacturing agreement to them.

Advantages & innovations

- Experience over 75 years. - A wide range of orthopedic products (lasts, insoles, footwear, braces, prosthesis and etc.). - Finished or partly finished products. Orthopedic products according to requests. - An online ordering system for bespoke products. - Reaction to requests for urgent delivery terms. - The company can help not even in production but in the development process as well. - The company updates materials to go step by step with the latest trends and technologies. - ISO 9001 quality management system since 2001.

Stage of development

Already on the market

Partner sought

The Lithuanian company has its own standard products line and is looking for experienced trade intermediaries in the orthopedic products field who are willing to promote, sell, distribute these products. The potential partner could be an agent, clinic, shop, or orthopedic products-related distribution company. Besides this, the company is looking for other manufacturers of standard and custom-made orthopedic goods which need additional capacity. The Lithuanian company is ready to produce finished or partly-finished products and create orthopedic products according to requests. The company is offering to work under manufacturing and/or subcontracting agreements as well. The partner is expected to have good knowledge of the sector and the intention of a long-term collaboration.

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